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Throwback Thursday #TBT #Erotica

22 Sep

If you buy your ebooks from Barnes and Noble, Excitica, or Smashwords check out one of the first and hottest titles I have written….so hot it was banned by Amazon.com 


Banging Kevin’s Mom

Buttocks of young woman over white background

Rebecca needs some attention and her latest husband always seems to be out of town.
When she overhears step-son Kevin and his pals watching a porno, she allows herself to become part of the fun.

The Do Over

30 Oct

.99 For a limited time at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble

The Do Over AMZ

When Amanda realizes her marriage is over, she decides it’s time for a do over.

With the help of Eion, her online friend from Scotland, she’s able to get all she needs and more.

Note to Readers: This smoking hot story is approximately 5,800 words and contains sexual situations intended for adult readers only.

Candie Bundle

19 Jun

A little something for your sweet tooth!

Follow Candie as she uses her sweet ass and sugar tits to get all her little heart desires. In this bundle you get 3 of Candie’s naughty escapades for one delicious price. Titles include: What Candie Wants, Candie Wants The Neighbor and Candie Wants The Professor

Available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Coming soon to Oysters and Chocolate!

Saffron ♥

Hot New Release!

12 Jun

Miranda finds herself alone after years of marriage with a spouse who enjoyed her lactating breasts.
Unwilling to give up the satisfaction lactating brings to her, Miranda goes to a college bar with one thing in mind… finding a hot set of young lips to ease the discomfort in her engorged bosom. When she realizes her secret fantasy of sex with multiple strangers could easily be a reality, she surrenders her fears and lets the men in the bar open her to a new world of sexual gratification.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,   and Smashwords

Candie is at it again

19 Apr

Candie Wants the Professor is the third short story about a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

Candie has always been a spoiled brat. At 19 things haven’t changed much as she uses her sweet ass and sugar tits to get all her little heart desires. In this short story, Professor Blaine gives Candie something better than an A when she has to stay behind due to slipping grades.

This short story of approximately 3,200 words skips the plot and dives right into the good stuff!

On sale now at Amazon, Smashwords

Coming soon to Barnes and Noble

.99 for a limited time!

Oysters & Chocolate

18 Mar

I am excited and delighted to announce a new venue for some of my smoking hot stories!

Due to it’s kissing cousin story-line, Family Reunion was previously only available at Barnes and Noble but, now it has a second home at Oysters and Chocolate Erotica

So when you get the time, please drop by and take a look at my new page on Oysters and Chocolate Erotica ! Check back with them often as I am still working to get more stories posted 

Thank you,

Saffron Sands

The Handyman Can

13 Mar

When Veronica’s attempts at getting her husband’s attention fail and she is met with nothing but frustration, she calls in a professional. Will the Handyman have the right tool for the job?

A new smoking hot story available now at Amazon.com Smashwords and Barnes and Noble

Backdoor Babysitter

12 Dec

My latest smoking hot story is about a lovely babysitter who needs a shoulder to cry on. Poor thing got her heart broken and needs a little extra TLC.


Available at Amazon, Smashwords,  All Romance Ebooks,  and BookStrand

Coming Soon to Barnes and Noble

Cabin Fever

23 Oct

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderfully naughty weekend.

But if for some reason you don’t have enough naughty, I submit for your pleasure, a sexy new release, “Banging At Daddy’s Cabin”


Heather can’t stop thinking about sex with her step-dad Matthew, so she sneaks away to daddy’s cabin with her boyfriend to get Daddy out of her system.
When Matthew and his friends decide on a last minute trip to the cabin, Heather and Matthew come face to face with their forbidden carnal desires.
*All characters are 18 years or older*

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, AllRomanceEbooks, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand

Daddy Swap

14 Oct

Sizzling hot, one-handed reading for your Friday night!

Recently divorced Curtis has become concerned about his relationship with his daughter Melissa. After reading a father-daughter bonding book he signs them up for a reconnection retreat, inviting his recently divorced buddy Elliot and daughter Lacy along.

Lacy knows what Curtis and Elliot need and it isn’t some guru telling them how to bond with their daughters.

Can hot sex get their Daddies to chill out?

Available now on Smashwords AllRomanceEbooks and Bookstrand










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