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Bachelor Party Surprise #NewRelease

29 May

When Dale visits his hometown to attend his buddy Martin’s bachelor party, the guy’s night out turns into an evening they will never forget!
A limo, alcohol, strippers, and an unexpected reunion make for one hell of a Bachelor Party Surprise!
This TABOOO MFMMM story is intended for adults only!



.99 For a limited time at Amazon.com

Pegging Mom’s Boyfriend

15 May

From the moment Kaylee saw her mom’s boyfriend she wanted him to do her. But when she discovers a kinky detail about Antonio, Kaylee decides to reverse the roles and do him.

pegging Moms Boyfriend cover

This Quick and Dirty Short is approximately 4,300 words. It includes oral, anal, and first time strap on sex.

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Poker Night Gangbang

5 Apr

That last Quick and Dirty short story kept me in a very naughty frame of mind. All the hot ideas dancing through my head led to this… my latest story.

Here it is, a naughty step daughter, a step dad, and his poker buddies having a sticky good time!


Saffron Sands

Amzpoker night gangbang cover

Horny young Carissa wants her step dad, Rick. So far he has remained at a safe distance, looking and not touching. But when Carissa flaunts her body before him and his poker buddies, it pushes step dad over the edge. Carissa finally gets Rick’s attention and so much more.

 This Quick and Dirty short story contains gangbang action from the start to finish. At approximately 4,800 words it is full of MFMMMM, DP, spanking, rough anal and oral sex.

.99 at


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Love and Lactation

1 Mar

Missy, a down on her luck and very pregnant waitress, has little more than a crappy job and a crappy boss, when into her life walks Evan.
Evan is instantly smitten with Missy as she and her voluptuous breasts bring forth the secret fantasy he has kept inside.
Evan has the money to give Missy what she needs, and Missy has the means to make his erotic dreams a reality.
When fate puts this unlikely knight in shining armor guy and unlucky in love girl together, their lives change in a way that neither could have seen coming.

This erotic lactation novelette is approximately 13,100 words and is intended for adults 18 years and older. It contains graphic scenes between consenting adults as they enjoy erotic lactation/adult breastfeeding, oral sex, and other sexual depictions.

a life with missy_amazon

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All Romance eBooks



Carl East and Friends


Smoking Hot Stocking Stuffer

3 Dec

Available in paperback at Amazon and Createspace

XXX-Mas Party Vixen Bundle features 3 previously published holiday themed erotic short stories:

X~Mas Cums Early for Carol

Santa’s Favorite Elf


Christmas Party Menage

Because even Santa knows sometimes naughty is nice ♥

Now In Paperback!

8 Nov

Hot off the presses ~ Saffron’s Erotica Collection, now available at Amazon and Createspace!

10 erotic tales in my first paperback collection!

This book contains a variety of smoking hot, graphic stories with young horny ladies, naughty housewives, and taboo family bonding for your enjoyment.

Titles include:

My Dirty Little Secret

Banging Kevin’s Mom

Banging At Daddy’s Cabin

Step Fun~Stacy’s New Daddy

Daddy Swap

A Sex Tail

Gina Gets A Handle

The Handyman Can

Backdoor Babysitter

Banging The Sitter

Pleasing My Billionaire

10 Aug

When Jonathan Morgan, CEO of a multi billion dollar company, sees Stephanie from across the room, he knows he must have her. As it turns out, Jonathan is in luck. His target is not only extremely attractive, but is also unemployed with bills piled high and not a job to be found.

Jonathan quickly uses his plentiful resources to begin the seduction of the young financially strapped beauty. Will good food, large cars, and a decadent lifestyle be enough to convince her to take the next step?

Once Stephanie sees the world Jonathan can offer, is there anything she isn’t willing to do to keep it?

How will Stephanie cope after she becomes obligated to be at Jonathan’s whim and suddenly realizes she is falling in love with the dominating billionaire?

Now available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble,  All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords

Sexual Fantasy Island~A Prude Awakening

18 Jul

Available now!

When uptight hottie Sonia loses her fiancé to the girl down the hall, she realizes it is time to overcome her prudish ways. As a last ditch effort, she takes a trip to Sexual Fantasy Island in hopes that Ms. Rourke and Tatau will be able to ignite the sexual fire that so far has eluded her.

Get your copy at  Smashwords  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Kobo

Sexual Fantasy Island

5 Jul

Hot new release!

When Rafael’s marriage becomes stale he decides to meet up with a woman he met in an online chat room. To make his mystery girl feel safe on their first encounter, he arranges a meeting at an island paradise resort. Follow the lovely hostess Ms. Rourke and her gorgeous sidekick Tatau as they make dreams a reality for their lucky island visitors. Welcome to Sexual Fantasy Island!

Available at:

Smashwords     Amazon    Barnes & Noble

Hot New Release!

12 Jun

Miranda finds herself alone after years of marriage with a spouse who enjoyed her lactating breasts.
Unwilling to give up the satisfaction lactating brings to her, Miranda goes to a college bar with one thing in mind… finding a hot set of young lips to ease the discomfort in her engorged bosom. When she realizes her secret fantasy of sex with multiple strangers could easily be a reality, she surrenders her fears and lets the men in the bar open her to a new world of sexual gratification.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,   and Smashwords

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