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Carl’s Adult Books

27 Jul

There’s a new place to pick up your favorite smoking hot stories!


Carl East, the prolific erotica author, has created a new site to help you get your erotica fix!

So click on over to check out  lots of  wonderfully naughty authors such as Amber Adams,  Christa Wick, Cindy SuttonJohn Waylon ,   Polly J Adams, Selena Kitt, and of course me- Saffron Sands  ♥♥

At Carl’s Adult Books there is even a Buy One Get One for select titles!

And It’s Good For You Too

11 May

Before we get into the next solo sex snippet, I thought I would share a few good reasons why everyone should masturbate….

1) Stress relief.

Who couldn’t use a little of that? Let your fingers do the walking and release some tension along with endorphins that can boost your mood and make it all better.

2) Fight off insomnia.

Try an orgasm for a good night sleep and then let sweet dreams take over. You have to admit it would be more fun than counting sheep.

3) Build your sexual confidence.

Knowing what makes you happy in the sack can make things less frustrating while with a partner.  So get down there and explore what feels good, what feels better, and what makes your toes curl…then be sure to let your lover know.


Now let’s get to the good stuff  as we continue celebrating National Masturbation Month

Saffron Sands

Pleasing My Billionaire

Drained from her day of extreme lows to extreme highs to be slammed back into lows Stephanie went directly to her room and peeled of her still damp clothes. She turned the water on in the shower. She looked herself over in the full length mirror that hung on the back of the door while she waited for the hot water to kick in.

Slowly she ran her hands over the curve of her hips up over her flat abdomen and over her full bosom. She looked at her hard nipples and giggled as she thought of the prudish old lady that had clucked her tongue at her as she walked into the restaurant. “She’s just jealous.” Stephanie squeezed her boobs together and playfully jiggled them in the mirror before stepping into the hot stream of water.

Her mind focused on Jonathan as the soothing jets of water ran over her body, eradicating what remained of the chill from the rain. She turned and let the water wash over her long dark hair and reached for the shampoo. She squirted the lavender scented gel in her hand and spread it through her tresses building up a healthy lather. The thick suds slid over her breasts, tickling her sensitive nipples as it made its way to over her body. Thoughts of Jonathan continued to fill her mind, particularly the thought she had of him tossing her to the table and kissing her right in front of the rich snobs.

She moaned as she rinsed the last of the suds from her hair and reached for her body wash and scrubby. She lathered her body up taking her time as she washed over her tummy and down to her neatly trimmed mound. The scrubby brushed over her clit and Stephanie shuddered. She tossed the scrubby aside and unhooked the shower nozzle aiming the warm jets between her legs.

Stephanie’s legs went weak as the water pulsed on her slit so she slipped down into the bathtub and spread her legs. With her left hand she aimed the massaging shower head at her clit and with her right she spread her puffy labia wide giving the water access to all her sensitive areas.

In her mind, Jonathan slid her skirt up, his hands roamed up her thighs and drifted over her moist panties. He groaned as he felt her wetness and pulled her to the edge of the table. She watched as he unhooked his belt and dropped his pants. He was rock hard as he jerked her panties to the side and shoved his cock deep inside her. She arched her back as his dick spread her walls wide and she let out a groan as he put his hand to her throat holding her firmly in place.

Her legs trembled as she felt the welcome sensation of her orgasm rising up from deep inside her. She tossed the shower head aside and slipped her fingers through the folds and into her slick hole.

As Stephanie slowly fingered herself, she imagined Jonathan, his hands on her waist gripping her tightly as he pounded into her.

I Touch Myself

3 May

May is National Masturbation Month.

To celebrate and perhaps inspire a few folks to partake in a little self love, I’ll be posting excerpts from a few of my stories involving self service .




The first one is a sexy tidbit from a recent release,

Getting Nasty With The Neighbor


Her mind raced with all the things she wanted to do while her parents were gone. She moaned out loud as her pussy twitched. She wiggled her butt rubbing her achy nub against the seam of her tight pajama shorts. Tiffany moaned as her slickened puffy lips squished in her panties. She quickly swallowed the last bite of waffle and danced her way upstairs anxious to get a hold of her vibrator.

Tiffany giggled as she entered her bedroom. She left her door open and lifted her T-shirt over her head, tossing it on the floor. She opened the bottom drawer of her bedside table, pulled out a shoe box and set it on the bed.

Tiffany slipped her pajama shorts off, warm pussy juice glazing her thighs as she kicked them across the floor. She dropped on the bed, scooted up against the headboard and spread her legs wide. She smiled at the image in the dresser mirror across from her. She loved watching herself in the mirror when she came.

Tiffany took out the purple vibrating cock and turned it on. Little multi colored beads bounced around inside the clear purple jelly shaft. She hit another button and the shaft began to wiggle. Her pussy muscles contracted, knowing what was to come, as moisture from her pussy dripped to her sheets and pooled in her ass crack. Tiffany placed the head of the vibrator at the top of her slit and glided it over her cunny a few times then paused at her hole. She closed her eyes momentarily as the tip rotated, teasing her opening.

Tiffany placed her left hand between her legs and parted the sensitive lips with her fingers. She moaned as her fingers slid over her shaved lips and the palm of her hand tickled the tuft of hair she had left at the top of her slit.

With her legs spread wide, she looked in the mirror and slowly slid the jelly cock in her pussy. She quietly sighed as the cock wiggled its way deep inside her, gently rubbing her inner walls until she had most of the vibrator inside.

Tiffany looked down and turned the vibrator up to the next level. She gasped as the cock began to writhe inside her. She moved it in and out, a little at a time then pushed it deeper as her pussy ached for more.

She could hear her pussy juices smacking over the hum of the cock’s tiny motor and she wanted to close her legs, clasp down on the sex toy and come, but it was too soon. Tiffany had all day so there was no reason to hurry.


Now, as the song “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls  plays in my head, I bid you a one-handed adieu  

Saffron Sands

After 50 Shades

17 Aug

Have you been searching Amazon wondering what to read after 50 Shades?

Well look no more!

Isabel King has done the dirty work for you! She has made a list filled with billionaire alpha males doing what they do best, satisfying a woman in ways she never thought imaginable. So if you are in need of more billionaire hot sex, romance and a little more hot sex then this is the list for you!

You can check it out on her website~ Isabel King Red Hot Romances

The Smashwords Summer Sale Continues

15 Jul

Get a copy of Drinks On Me ~ 50% off at Smashwords  only!

Just use code SSW50 at the checkout!

And don’t forget you can still get these other smokin’ hot titles for half off while you are  there.

Bang Me

Candie Bundle

XXX~Mas Party Vixen Bundle

Gina Gets A Handle

The Surrogate~An Erotic Lactation Short Story


Saffron Sands ♥♥

Summer Smut Sale

1 Jul

July 1st through July 31st, Smashwords is having its 3rd annual Summer/Winter Sale.

For the month of July, at Smashwords only, my bundles will be 1/2 off! Just enter the coupon code SSW50  at checkout to receive your discount.

So click on over to get your copy of Candie Bundle,  Bang Me  and XXX-Mas Party Vixen Bundle  for %50 off while you can!

As an extra bonus, I will also choose a story a week to go half off too!

Let’s start things off with Gina Gets a Handle  

Happy smut reading,

Saffron ♥

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Saffron Sands

15 Jun

Erotica author Polly J Adams interviewed me and it is posted on her blog today!

Check  it out at Polly J Adams blogspot

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb


Since Smashwords was down most of Valentine’s Day I am extending the coupons. They will now expire on Friday, February 17th.

Get yourself a piece of Candie!

♥50% off at Smashwords for Valentine’s Day only!♥

What Candie Wants~Use Code YN76B

Candie has always been a spoiled brat. At 19 things haven’t changed much as she uses her sweet ass and sugar tits to get all her little heart desires. Today she has her eyes on her adopted older brother and he doesn’t stand a chance when his hot little sister makes her move. *Mature content *All characters 18 years or older (Approximately 2,700 words)









Candie Wants The Neighbor~Use code XT86B

Candie has always been a spoiled brat. At 19 things haven’t changed much as she uses her sweet ass and sugar tits to get all her little heart desires. Mr. Robinson has resisted for a year, but today Candie’s pursuit of him pays off. *Mature content *All characters 18 years or older (Approximately 3,230 words)


7 Feb

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so thought it was time to share a few of my favorite romantic films.

Green Card

I love this movie! Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell are two total opposites pretending to be married to get what they want.  A green card for the Frenchman and an amazing apartment for her. As they struggle along in their marriage of convenience, love creeps in and takes this odd couple by surprise.

Nights in Rodanthe

Mmmm…Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Diane’s marriage is over and in order to clear her head she stays at a friend’s bed and breakfast along the North Carolina shore. She meets Richard’s character and after talking and battling a storm together they fall in love.  Unfortunately there is no happy ending to this one but it is a terribly romantic film.

Love Actually

A British romantic comedy that has something for everyone. An all star cast makes you laugh, cry and fall in love over and over again. I snuggle a little closer to my man and get a warm fuzzy feeling after watching this one.

So slip into something sexy, grab a box of chocolates, and snuggle up with your lover.

Saffron Sands

Sexy, Romantic, and Strange

19 Jan

For fun I’ve made a list of movies that get me in the mood.

Let’s start with Sexy.

9 ½ Weeks-

Everyone should be familiar with this one! Hot and steamy sex scenes between Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The sexy games they played really got my blood flowing and the soundtrack was just as hot. When John Taylor sings “I Do What I Do” his voice sends chills through my body and it is oh so hard to keep your clothes on when Joe Cocker belts out “You Can Leave Your Hat On”.

Red Shoe Diaries-

David Duchovny, Bridgitte Bako, and Billy Wirth steamed up the screen with some of the sexiest scenes I can remember. When she tells Billy Wirth’s character to rip off her panties, oh my…Then they go at it like animals, well let’s just say it gets me a little hot. The kicker is when they climax and the camera cuts to David Duchovny reading from the diary and you hear her sultry voice say “He made love like he worked on the street, tender as a jackhammer.” Mmmm…I could use a guy like that.

Basic Instinct-

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone heat up your blood with the sexy and chill it with the suspense. My blood always gets going when Michael and Sharon hit the dance floor. Michael is still as can be while Sharon is moving to the beat, just a breaths width away from his face. The sexual tension is agonizing until he grabs her butt and slams his crotch into her and they are practically doing the nasty on the dance floor….Oh yeah, now that is what I am talking about.

Well, that covers sexy and I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to find myself someone to get frisky with. Catch you around next time with a few of my favorite romantic movies.

What sexy movies are on your list?

Saffron Sands

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