I Touch Myself

3 May

May is National Masturbation Month.

To celebrate and perhaps inspire a few folks to partake in a little self love, I’ll be posting excerpts from a few of my stories involving self service .




The first one is a sexy tidbit from a recent release,

Getting Nasty With The Neighbor


Her mind raced with all the things she wanted to do while her parents were gone. She moaned out loud as her pussy twitched. She wiggled her butt rubbing her achy nub against the seam of her tight pajama shorts. Tiffany moaned as her slickened puffy lips squished in her panties. She quickly swallowed the last bite of waffle and danced her way upstairs anxious to get a hold of her vibrator.

Tiffany giggled as she entered her bedroom. She left her door open and lifted her T-shirt over her head, tossing it on the floor. She opened the bottom drawer of her bedside table, pulled out a shoe box and set it on the bed.

Tiffany slipped her pajama shorts off, warm pussy juice glazing her thighs as she kicked them across the floor. She dropped on the bed, scooted up against the headboard and spread her legs wide. She smiled at the image in the dresser mirror across from her. She loved watching herself in the mirror when she came.

Tiffany took out the purple vibrating cock and turned it on. Little multi colored beads bounced around inside the clear purple jelly shaft. She hit another button and the shaft began to wiggle. Her pussy muscles contracted, knowing what was to come, as moisture from her pussy dripped to her sheets and pooled in her ass crack. Tiffany placed the head of the vibrator at the top of her slit and glided it over her cunny a few times then paused at her hole. She closed her eyes momentarily as the tip rotated, teasing her opening.

Tiffany placed her left hand between her legs and parted the sensitive lips with her fingers. She moaned as her fingers slid over her shaved lips and the palm of her hand tickled the tuft of hair she had left at the top of her slit.

With her legs spread wide, she looked in the mirror and slowly slid the jelly cock in her pussy. She quietly sighed as the cock wiggled its way deep inside her, gently rubbing her inner walls until she had most of the vibrator inside.

Tiffany looked down and turned the vibrator up to the next level. She gasped as the cock began to writhe inside her. She moved it in and out, a little at a time then pushed it deeper as her pussy ached for more.

She could hear her pussy juices smacking over the hum of the cock’s tiny motor and she wanted to close her legs, clasp down on the sex toy and come, but it was too soon. Tiffany had all day so there was no reason to hurry.


Now, as the song “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls  plays in my head, I bid you a one-handed adieu  

Saffron Sands

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