Love and Lactation

1 Mar

Missy, a down on her luck and very pregnant waitress, has little more than a crappy job and a crappy boss, when into her life walks Evan.
Evan is instantly smitten with Missy as she and her voluptuous breasts bring forth the secret fantasy he has kept inside.
Evan has the money to give Missy what she needs, and Missy has the means to make his erotic dreams a reality.
When fate puts this unlikely knight in shining armor guy and unlucky in love girl together, their lives change in a way that neither could have seen coming.

This erotic lactation novelette is approximately 13,100 words and is intended for adults 18 years and older. It contains graphic scenes between consenting adults as they enjoy erotic lactation/adult breastfeeding, oral sex, and other sexual depictions.

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