Sexy, Romantic, and Strange

19 Jan

For fun I’ve made a list of movies that get me in the mood.

Let’s start with Sexy.

9 ½ Weeks-

Everyone should be familiar with this one! Hot and steamy sex scenes between Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. The sexy games they played really got my blood flowing and the soundtrack was just as hot. When John Taylor sings “I Do What I Do” his voice sends chills through my body and it is oh so hard to keep your clothes on when Joe Cocker belts out “You Can Leave Your Hat On”.

Red Shoe Diaries-

David Duchovny, Bridgitte Bako, and Billy Wirth steamed up the screen with some of the sexiest scenes I can remember. When she tells Billy Wirth’s character to rip off her panties, oh my…Then they go at it like animals, well let’s just say it gets me a little hot. The kicker is when they climax and the camera cuts to David Duchovny reading from the diary and you hear her sultry voice say “He made love like he worked on the street, tender as a jackhammer.” Mmmm…I could use a guy like that.

Basic Instinct-

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone heat up your blood with the sexy and chill it with the suspense. My blood always gets going when Michael and Sharon hit the dance floor. Michael is still as can be while Sharon is moving to the beat, just a breaths width away from his face. The sexual tension is agonizing until he grabs her butt and slams his crotch into her and they are practically doing the nasty on the dance floor….Oh yeah, now that is what I am talking about.

Well, that covers sexy and I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to find myself someone to get frisky with. Catch you around next time with a few of my favorite romantic movies.

What sexy movies are on your list?

Saffron Sands

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