Shared by the Neighbor’s Son #Cougar #Erotica

9 Aug

Starting over was not what Penny had thought she would be doing at forty-five. It was that or being trapped in a dead end relationship, and that was not where she wanted to be either.

Luckily for Penny, a do over was the right call. With a good looking young neighbor and his two handsome friends, Penny’s life is about to really get going.


A little tease:

As I carried a box from my car to the house, I suddenly felt as though I were being watched. I looked over at my new neighbor’s house and saw the curtains moving. A smile curved my lips. I guess whomever lived next door was checking out the new kid on the block. I chuckled to myself and wished they would come assist me with the last few boxes as I lugged the box up the stairs and set it on the porch railing. I was fumbling around for my house key when I heard a loud thud. I exhaled loudly, thankful that the box was full of books and not breakables.

Can I give you a hand?” I heard a male voice and quickly turned to see a rather baby faced young man bend over to pick up a book.

Umm, sure.” I said as I headed down the stairs. “It would be great if you could help me with a few boxes.” I smiled and began picking up books. “Apparently, I saved all the heavy boxes for last.”

You must read a lot.” The young man said as he placed another book in the box.

Yeah.” I said. “Well at least I used to. I don’t think these books have been out of the box in years.” I looked down and saw the book he was reaching for and I tried to grab it first but I was too slow.

The young man stared at the cover that included a woman in a rather compromising position, naked, tied up, with a man swatting her behind.

Well this is embarrassing.” I said. I had forgotten about hiding my small but very naughty erotic book collection when I had moved in with Abe.

I’ve seen worse.” The young man handed me the book as he scanned the other racy titles that had fallen out of the box. “My father has a collection of magazines that would make an adult actress blush.” He said.

Books picked up, the young man carried the box back up the stairs for me. I opened the door and he placed it on the table just inside.

Want me to carry anything else for you?” he asked.

Please.” I said then walked out to the car with him.

After he set the last of the boxes inside the house, he turned to leave. “Thanks so much.” I said. “I don’t believe I got your name.”

He smiled and put out his hand. “I’m Gage. I live next door.” He chuckled. “I’m the one you saw looking out the window.”

Well thanks for all your help, Gage. My name is Penny and if there is ever anything I can do to repay you, let me know.” I shook his hand then watched as he walked down the stairs.

Have a good night.” He said before going around the side of the house.

You too.” I sighed and closed the door. I looked over at the box of erotic books and giggled. “What a way to meet the new neighbor’s son.”

I picked up a book and ran my hand over it. “This would be the perfect bedtime read.” I smiled and tossed it on the table. “But first I need to find a bottle of wine.”


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#New #Cougar #Erotica

26 Jul

Long time no see!

Life has been hectic and I’m thrilled to be back in the writer’s seat!

I hope you enjoy my newest erotic short story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Happy Friday!

Saffron Sands ♥


Morgan may have lost her husband to a younger woman, but rekindling her sexually adventurous side quickly makes it all better.
From a daring encounter with a gym acquaintance to the sexy young neighbor she didn’t know was interested in her, Morgan lets her hair down and sets her inhibitions free.


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Available Now! #New #Erotica

18 Nov

Ten more untouchable princesses learn who is in charge. Taken, used, utterly betrayed by their own bodies, they are victims of their own lust no matter how much they deny it.


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22 Mar

Their beauty has allowed them to take so much from this world.  Doors are opened for them, favors are granted, gifts are given.  Now it’s time for these princesses to be overwhelmed, taken advantage of and have their legs opened for a very insistent gift that won’t take no for an answer!


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Cougar’s Night Out #NewRelease #99cents #Erotica

23 Feb

Longing for the good old days, recently divorced Tawny accepts an invitation to the grand opening of an Eighties themed club.
Before she even enters the building, the sexy cougar is already turning heads. But when the party is over, Tawny isn’t done with the night and a flirty young bartender may be just the night cap she needs.

large_Cougars night Out Cover

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Pounded By The Man Of The House #NewRelease

16 Feb

The Man of the House has sacrificed everything for her, his little princess.  Now, it’s time she gave a little back.  The ten perfect brats in this bundle are going to get those pouts wiped off their faces when their men take what’s theirs.  Their bodies will be shaken, their eyes will roll back in their heads and they’ll all be left in no doubt: The Man of the House does it best!



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Just Because You Love Me #EroticRomance

2 Feb

I realize it has been some time since my last post and I hope this finds you all well!

I’ve been focused on lots of other projects with my family and that has not left a lot of time to bang away at the keyboard as much as I’d like to.

But…. I did manage to work with a group of very talented authors and I’d love it if you would check out this amazing Erotic Romance bundle….

Just Because You Love Me: Ten Bite Size Spicy Love Stories 


These stories go to show that just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you can’t love hard, it simply means you also get to cuddle afterwards. The women in this set are left with quivering legs, but whether that’s because of the magic words or because of more… physical means is hard to decide!

The Authors: With multiple top 10 authors in their genre, the writers in this bundle know how to bring you romance that will melt your heart… and other things.

The Stories: Sick of bundles full of stories you’ve already read before? The stories in this bundle are exclusive. You will not find them anywhere else, so sit back, lock the door and enjoy some mommy time with these ten bite-sized spicy romances!

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New Release!

27 Oct

Mrs. Ritter discovers that she is desired by one of her son’s college bound friends, Mitchel. Widowed and lonely, her erotic thoughts of him turn into an adult tryst when he shows up at her door looking for something he left behind.

large_cover_Me Time

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New Cougar Erotica!

29 Sep

After her divorce, Crystal is less than thrilled to admit she requires the assistance of a man. But after a failed attempt at building a bookshelf, she decides there may be a time and a place that she could use a man.
When the task requires two young studs, Crystal’s long neglected sexual urges can no longer be denied and the sexy cougar gives the guys something besides boards to hammer.Amz_sharing_the_cougar_cover

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Shameless Submission

28 Sep
True Masters come from all walks of life, some of them are the very pillars of our society, some of them are in our own homes. What they all have in common is that when they choose you as their submissive, you’re left writhing in ecstasy, bent to their will, and life will never be the same again.
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